For over a decade, Spencer Register has dedicated himself to reviving the ocarina, an ancient wind instrument all but forgotten in the Western world. Designing and crafting the instruments in his rural North Carolina studio, the craftsman quickly earned a reputation for quality workmanship. Crystal clear tone, precise tuning and a pleasing aesthetic are the focus of Spencerís handcrafted ceramic ocarinas.

Each ocarina is carefully constructed from start to finish by a single artisan using specialized techniques to achieve a distinct sound. Spencer aims to make every instrument suitable for professional performance, discarding what he would not use himself.

Completed in 2009, Ocarina Hymns is Spencerís recording debut, featuring ocarina renditions of traditional sacred music creatively arranged for the distinct, haunting voice of the ocarina amid an elaborate accompaniment of piano and keyboard, strings, guitar and percussion.

In 2010, Spencer was granted US Patent Number 7799980 for his unique internal ocarina design which improves the tonal quality of his ocarinas. He continues to hone his craft, exploring new ideas and innovative techniques in search of a more perfect ocarina.


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